Euromeeting 2007 - 21-22 Aprile Garda Lake -Italy

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PT Cruiser Fans Italia

Hello my friends,

please check site and program for Euromeeting 2007. It will take place in Desenzano on 21 April and in the beautiful city of Sirmione on 22 April. As usual we will have a nice dinner on saturday in typical restaurant.

This is the link of the Euro07 site

and here where you can signing in :

If you need help for hotel or other, please contact me at

Ciao, Roberto
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Член Клуба
Caio Roberto! Come stanno PT Cruser fans di Italia?
Looks like you putting together great meeting in a beautiful place.
I'm afraid this is too short of a notice for us to organise the trip, but who knows, may be someone will go for a sprint run.
Anyway, thanks for inviting us. Please keep in touch and give us a shout for your next events!

PT Cruiser Fans Italia

I'm sorry about this late notice of the meeting but i discovered your forum only this week-end, looking around in the
I never think that someone wants to come from Russia to Italy for a meeting, but I know cruisers fans are crazy :rolleyes: ..... next events I'll give you all information before.

I remeber during our meeting in Desenzano in 2004 I met a PT fans from Russia that he was there for a vacation, but unfotunatly without PT Cruiser :(

See you:)


Член Клуба
Italy - is something special!
i love it ))))))))))

oh , Roberto, you're wrong just a little bit - all russians are crazy not only cruser funs%)))))))))))
..ok, almost all..
..ok at least a lot of..
..ok..anyway..russia- is something special! you should visit it for sure! welcome! %))))))))))))