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My name is Adam .. I am the owner of Prototypepower here in the United States ( California ) .. I wanted to take this chance to say hello and introduce myself..

I bought my PT Cruiser GT in 2003.. At the time there was only one company that made an intake and it was almost $400 .. I made an intake .. while I was doing that I noticed the stock rubber uppercharge pipe.. how it flexed so much and crimped to get around the battery..

Over the last 2.5 years I have been working on different styles to see what works best.. I dyno and track test every time I make changes...

My newest model will be out in February.. It is made out of aluminum and will fit all of the turbo models..

The stock uppercharge pipe has three 90 degree bends.. I changed those bends to aprox 45 degrees.. this lets the air flow more efficiently..

I would love to explain more details.. Please visit my web site www.prototypepower.com I do not have the newest version on my site.. you can see dyno charts.. customers cars.. cross drilled and slotted rotors..ect.. you can contact me on here or from my web site..

Thanks.. Adam


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Hi Adam!
Welcome to our forum!
I have heard lots of good stories about your kit and how the boost the performance of PT GT, so I'm definetely getting one for my car next spring. Put one aside for me :wink:
I hope the European version of the car is not any different from the US version as far as the fitment is concerned.