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Message from Cruiser Motor Sports:



I want to inform all:
You can buy parts or accessories from the US at a better price and we work with each person to help save on customs and tax’s. Your Ultimate One Stop Shop for Restyling, modifications & lots of cool aftermarket accessories for your PT Cruiser™.

Welcome To Cruiser Motor Sports!



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Thanks for popping in. Do you ship to Russia? What is the approximate cost of shipping for taillights? Do you accept credit cards from non-American banks?


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я у него фонари купил и светящуюся эмблему. оплата через PAYPAL, креду от МКБ схавал. Я же дал ему ссылку сюда, он теперь с Россией работает!
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Yes you can use a credit card, but the credit card company charges me an additional 4% for overseas charges if thats ok with you. We can ship one out to you in Russia. The shipping cost would be about $38.00 using USPS Global Express mail including insurance.
Wow...I checked the shipping cost of all three shippers and almost fell out of my chair. Here are the cost for shipping for each shipper:
DHL Worldwide Express Priority- $124.11
FedEx Priority- $134.68
FedEx Economy- $95.04
UPS Global Express- $132.56


Hi again,
To order, check out our web site and send us a email CruiserMtrSports@aol.com with what your looking for, we will get the total cost for you and email you back. We value your relationship with us and hope that your experience with our service and merchandise is what you expect it to be. We prefer to address customer service and shipping issues via E-mail so that you can easily supply us with your order number and product information. We respond to e-mails within 24 hours, except on Sundays.