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Hello from the Netherlands,

The Dutch PT-Cruiserclub with about 200 members would like to welcome you on their site at

Please have a look, the site is in Dutch language, partly in english. But you will find your way.

Next year there is a great international meeting on 11th and 12th june, a two day meet and tour around the Ijsselmeer in the Netherlands, maybe something for you to join.
When you want to have a look at the special "Cruise The Netherlands 2" site, please go to the site , scroll on the homepage down and click the banner.

Bye for now



Член Клуба
Hi there and welcome to our club!
You've definetely got a club there. 200 members! I hope we'll get there too some day. We are only about 8 months old :binky:
Thanks for inviting us for the event. We were hoping we could join one of those at some point. I think the long drive and all the visa poblems will be worth it. May be we could even ship our cars from St.Pet? That would be great! We will discuss this here and contact you if we decide to organise the trip.
Regards to all Dutch PT Cruisers!


Hello Moijto,

Thanks for your nice reply. If you are interested please contact my son Sjoerd, he is one of the three Teammembers of the club and also founder and webmaster. Contact him at

And please keep in mind, you all are very welcome and if we can assist in any way, please let us know.

Good luck to you and the Russian Pt Cruiser Club and a happy but far more important a healthy 2005


If you want to visit the special Cruise The Netherlands 2 site, please click the banner below:



Член Клуба
Hello Ed! :)

I very glad to see you at our forum. :lol:

We seriously plan trip to "Cruise The Netherlands 2".
It will be first our trip, Russia and Netherlands are divided with thousand kilometers. :iroc:

On this we want to plan trip beforehand. :read2: :idea: :book:

Pls. answer :wink: :
Where participants of a meeting live? How to reserve hotel?
We shall be grateful for any additional information.

Regards, Valeriy


Член Клуба
Hi Ed,
If and when you have a program for the event, please let us know here in case we miss it. Of course we'll be checking your site for updates.
We'll put your banner on as soon as we put our main page together (which I hope will be soon).


Hello Mojito and Racot and all the other Russian Cruisers,

Till now Cruise The Netherlands 2 will be visited by Cruiser-owners from Belgium,England,Luxemburg,Germany and the Netherlands. Last year about 83 Cruisers were at Cruise The Netherlands One.

Hopefully this year Cruisers from Russia and France will join us to.

For sure is that some Cruiser-members from an american Pt-Cruiserclub will be at the meet in june, only without their Cruisers.

The Cruise is published in the english forum of the UK-Cruisers, in a Swiss forum ,in the German forum, on the site of ptCruise-in and it's forum and also now in your own forum.

In january we will publish on all the forums some nice hotels in the area of the Ijsselmeer.
The Cruise starts on the 11th of june in the morning. Best is for many participants from other countries to arrive at least 1 day earlier. Meet and greet city will be ALMERE.
From Rostock to Almere: 632 km in 6.00 hours drive

Almere is a town very near to Amsterdam, so on the picture you only see Amsterdam.l

So probably you will need a place to stay around Almere from the 10th-11th. And next stop will be at the end of the first day up north the Ijsselmeer.

Again very soon we will publish also in your forum some nice places to stay (hotels-holiday resorts).
If you need any help, please mail to or leave your question in your forum.

It would be great if you also would join us in june 2005. A meet with nice programm, nice Cruisers and a lot of great people from many countries.

Till soon,



Hello Cruisers from Russia:

For those who would like to join us at Cruise The Netherlands Two, I told you about the Hotels.

Now, when you visit the special CTN2 site you will see that the webmaster is working on the translation, sorry no Russian.

When you click on Hotels you will find three nice hotels in Almere (meet and greet) and near to Almere.
These Hotels are only for those who arrive 1 day earlier at the 10th of june or leave 1 day later on the 13th of june.
So for a hotel from 10th-11th (friday-saturday) or 12th-13th (sunday-monday} please chose from those three hotels.

For the night 11th-12th (saturday-sunday) everybody has to book another hotel, because the first day the tour starts and at the end of the day we will be in Volendam. info about hotelsl in Volendam will follow soon.

SO, FOR HOTELS FROM 10TH JUNE- 11TH JUNE or/and 12TH JUNE-13TH JUNE, please visit our website.

Sign in forms next week

Bye for now



Член Клуба
Ok, thanks for the info. We'll keep that in mind.
Keep us posted if you have any new info.


Hello Russian Cruisers,

When you want to have a look at the participants till now, please click on the banner:

and click now again on the banner "participants" on the site

There will be updates every week, so please check sometimes the link.

If you would like to know what the temerature is at the moment in Volendam, the city where we will end the first day and spend the night, please click:

Sometimes you will have to refresh (reload) the temperature-page to get the exact data.

If you arrive on the 10th of june then please go to the CTN2 site and click on hotels. There are three hotels mentioned on the site, all in or in the neighbourhood of the "meet and greet" place Almere.
IMPORTANT: these three hotels are only for early arriving participants. (10th-11th june). For the night 11th-12th a hotel in Volendam must be booked. Soon more Info about those hotels on the site.

Till next time,



Член Клуба
Thanks for the info. Looks like we are going to arrive on the 11 early in the morning. Our fary arrives to Germany late on the 10th. Looks like we are going to be able to take off at around midnight. So approximate arrival time will be 5 am, which means we would still need the hotel at Almere. This is all subject to change so far, but we'll let you know anyway.


You see it a lot in big city's at buildings, beautiful Neon-lights. Typical American are the "Diners" like this:

The team of ptCruise-in (Sjoerd, Michel & Renate) would like to organise a "SHOW-n-GLOW" -moment You see on the next picture the two Team-cars. These two don't have neon.

Some members of ptCruise-in and for sure some participants at CTN2 from other countries have neon behind the grille, at the side of , inside or under their Cruiser. Even a lighted Chrysler-emblem
is enough to participate at the "SHOW-n-GLOW' on saturdayevening the 11th of june in Volendam. In the sign-in form (online) you can mention if your Cruiser has neon or not.
Let all the other Cruiser-owners enjoy the bright shining PT's.




Член Клуба
Ed написал(а):
The team of ptCruise-in (Sjoerd, Michel & Renate) would like to organise a "SHOW-n-GLOW"
Dear Ed,

There are some questions abt. "SHOW-n-GLOW":
1) It will be show or competition of participants?
2) If this competition, what its rules?

If it will be competition we could prepare some automobiles from the Russian time.
We have such idea.
I shall be glad to find out the full details about "SHOW-n-GLOW".

Regards, Val (Racot)


Hello Racot,

The "SHOW-n-GLOW" moment will take place at the end of the first day the 11 th of june in Volendam. Especially for ptCruise-in Hotel Van der Valk will clear a nice part of it's parking place. In the dark hopefully on a warm evening all the participants can enjoy the neon in,under,at the front, behind the grille, at the back of the Cruisers that have those lights. So the team hopes it will be a great light-show

But of course a jury will decide, wich one of the Neon-Cruisers is the best and that Cruiser will receive a nice price.

For instance, I don't have any neon on my Cruiser but at all the events we attended we never could see the neon on the Cruisers that had those lights, because all the events took place at day-time, so I am very curious about the neon-cruisers.

Bye Racot, till soon


Any more questions about SHOW-n-GLOW please contact my son (Sjoerd, one of the teammembers and webmaster) at He will answer your questions any time.



Unbelievable Cruiser-friends , CTN2 will be for sure the best visited meeting by international Cruiser-fanatics, oh yes ?, YES !!!!

Just got incredible info from the team of ptCruise-in, another country just signed in, DENMARK

Cruiser-drivers from 10 countries will be present:

Your eyes are okay, England,Belgium,Germany,The Netherlands,Luxemburg,Switzerland,France,United States of America , Russia and Denmark.

Great, isn't it ?

Ed - @



Some further Info from Cruise The Netherlands Two. Please visit the special CTN2 site for more info of tthe hotels for saturday 11th to sunday 12th. These hotels can be booked directly online by filling in the special form. Hotels for friday-saturday or sunday-monay you also find on the site. These three hotels you have to book yourself by phone or mail. Please click on the banner:

On the site you see a button
and in the menu you should click on CTNT2005 for more info about the programm.


Hello Cruisers from Russia,

Soon it will be 11th and 12th of june 2005 and we hope to meet and greet you all in The Netherlands together with Cruisers from France,Belgium,Germany,Switzerland,England,America,Luxemburg,The Netherlands,Denmark and Sweden. . Cruiser-owners from many different countries wit one Passion, the PT Cruiser.

Visit the new site of Cruise The Netherlands TWO

and click on the banners. You wiil see lots of info about the programm, the participants etc. You also see this banner
on the site. You can sign in for the activities of your choice.

What to know or learn about the Netherlands:
Did you know that?

'The Netherlands' and 'Holland' are used to describe the same country?
One quarter of the Netherlands is below sea level?
The International Court of Justice is at the Peace Palace in The Hague?
The Netherlands still has about 1,000 traditional working windmills?
With only 0.008% of the world's area, the Netherlands is the world's third largest agricultural exporter after the USA and France?
People in Holland eat raw herring with onions on top?
The Netherlands has at least 15,000 km of cycle tracks?
The Netherlands' favourite sweet is a salty liquorice called 'drop'?
When your aeroplane arrives at Schiphol, it lands 4.5 metres below sea level?
The Dutch are the tallest people in Europe?
Amsterdam is entirely built on piles?
The Netherlands always has a coalition government, which makes it a country of compromises?
Only 5% of the population works in agriculture?
Every Dutch person has at least one bicycle and there are twice as many bikes as cars?
The Netherlands has the highest concentration of museums in the world, with 42 in Amsterdam alone?
In the province of Friesland, there are just as many cows as people?
You can see 22 paintings by Rembrandt and 206 by Van Gogh in Amsterdam?
The Netherlands' highest point is 321 metres and is therefore called a 'mountain'?
Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, but the seat of government is in The Hague?
Most Dutch people speak at least one foreign language?
One in every three Dutch people belongs to a sports club?
You will find a bunch of flowers in almost every Dutch living room?
Rotterdam is the world's biggest seaport?
Our best national dishes come from abroad?
People of 200 nationalities live in Amsterdam?
Almost all Dutch people can swim and skate?
Many Dutch people spread chocolate on their bread for breakfast?
Amsterdam has 1,281 bridges?
After the Scandinavians, the Dutch are the world's biggest coffee drinkers?
You have not really been to the Netherlands until you have eaten a 'kroket'?
(info: Amsterdam-forum)

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

See you



Hello to all Russian friends:

Cruise The Netherlands Two has ended yesterday. It was a great meeting with lot of nice Cruisers end great people. We had great cruises, nice barbecue and breakfast and a great lottery at the end.

The Russian Cruisers were sadly somewhat delayed so they missed the meet and greet and the first tour. But gladly they were at Voilendam at the end of day one and stayed till the end.

It was wonderful to meet your friends with their great cars. Also they brought some russian chocolote (great taste) and of course good wodka.

They have left The Netherlands now and are on their way home. They enjoyed themselves very much and everybody was happy to meet them.

Say hi to them and thanks for everything.

For Photos of Cruise The Netherlands, please click picture: