Very Old Xmas Joke



Mr and Mrs Kuriakyn were walking through Red Square one afternoon went the sky went dark.

Mr Kuriakyn looked up and said "Look my darling its started to rain"

To this Mrs Kuriakyn also looked up and replied " No my little Pushkin its snowing"

Well a nice row then started between them as neither could agree on whether it was snowing or raining.

Mr Kuriakyn then spotted an old Communist Party friend who used to worked for Kruschev , quickly he called his friend over to resolve their disagreement

" My friend " he asked " What is it doing raining or snowing ?"

His friend replied - Raining

Quickly Mr Kuriakyn spoke to his wife and said " There see I said its raining. My friend has got to be right as he is

Rudolph the RED and he knows his rain dear !!!!! :wink:


Член Клуба
Took a while for me to figure this out :lol: :lol: :lol:
Eglish Chritmas carols are not that popular here.